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5 Things to Think About Before Packing Your Cargo

If you’re an exporter, especially if this is your first time, you should make a list of points to consider before packing your products. Even if you’re an established company like supply chain solutions Malaysia, it is still important to take note of these points.

Here are the top five considerations to make when packing your goods.

Use the right type of CTU (Cargo Transport Unit)

A freight container is referred to as a CTU. In container shipping, there are many cargo types and packing methods. When packaging your products, it’s essential that you select the right container size and type.

CTU Condition 

You risk cargo damage, loss, and claims if the container you’re choosing to load your products is in bad condition.

The state of a container that an exporter picks up for packing is one of the most frequent points of contention between an exporter and a transportation firm. People’s opinions on who is to blame have been mixed.

In the normal run of business, the shipping line is expected to release a clean, sound, dry, and cargo-worthy container from their empty storage depot to the exporter’s transporter. The container depot is in charge of ensuring that the shipping line’s instructions are followed.

Use the container provided by the appropriate shipping company.

So, if you’re an exporter that packs up to 20-30 containers per day for various destinations using containers from several shipping lines, it’s quite probable that you or your packing depot would cross-pack some goods.

Proper Documentation

The following are some general things to check here: (but not limited to)

  • Do you need any special permits to load and unload your shipment? 
  • Is it legal for your goods to be unloaded at the destination?
  • Even if you think the client has bought the goods and confirmed the foregoing, the shipping line may often hold you (the exporter/booking party) liable for any cargo that is abandoned at destination due to such issues.
  • Is my cargo hazardous, and must I submit a dangerous goods declaration?
  • Is my packing list complete and precise, and does it include the correct cargo weights? In shipping, several weights are used, and there are penalties for under-declaring container weight.

Make Sure It’s Well Packed

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Yes, it may seem to be a no-brainer, but improper cargo packing causes many issues at sea and on land, including accidents, cargo damage, and so on.

Because many still move products without adequate insurance cover, this will give you an idea of the cargo damage and losses that the shipper or consignee may suffer. You don’t want your products to arrive cracked and damaged at its destination.