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Careers in Information Management

The Information Manager is responsible for the access, organization, processing, use, and monitoring of information shared within the company or community. They plan and implement processes and tools that facilitate the easy transfer of information. For example, to increase transparency and develop new ideas and services that people need, the Ontario government brings more government data to communities and businesses through the “open data” initiative. Similarly in the healthcare industry, managing electronic access to health records is becoming increasingly important for patients and health service providers. By taking diploma pengurusan maklumat, you can choose these careers in your future.

FSFP information data management - Careers in Information Management
  • Focus feature:

Understand the theoretical framework that integrates the creation, sharing, and application of knowledge and knowledge. Design information systems as a platform to create and share information

Students wishing to participate in direct experience, expand their professional network, and participate in professional development should contact our Career Services. The Faculty of Information offers a variety of integrated business learning opportunities, such as MI collaboration options, training, job shadow, and alum tasks.

We encourage our students to work intensively in a variety of professional environments and to broaden your horizons beyond the boundaries of the discipline. Our students, alumni, and faculty members are members of many professional organizations. The strong relationship we have built with these institutions over the years keeps us informed about the latest developments in the industry. Throughout the year students can see that representatives and members of these associations take an active role in helping our students by providing relevant industry insights and networking opportunities

Please visit our Student Experience and Life page and take an active part in student activities, clubs, and associations that our students are involved in.

Currently, KIM experts are very much needed in many organizations where they can provide expertise on theories, best practices, and the latest trends in effective knowledge management and security, and all kinds of information. Professionals work in a variety of organizations, with resources dedicated to knowledge management initiatives, particularly large corporations and companies. Some of the largest consulting firms also have knowledge management and consulting departments that advise clients on KM strategies.

Our graduates work in a variety of organizations and industries, including financial services, consulting, technology, healthcare, law, government, education, marketing and communications, nonprofits, and more.

Examples of employers are Bell Canada, Cancer Care Ontario, Capital One, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, European Central Bank, Internet Archive Canada, JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research), and Ontario Legislative Council, Lord Cultural Resources, Manulife Financial, Micro jobs, home craft, Ontario Public Service, RBC, Towers Watson, United Road Peel District, University of Calgary, WSIB, York District Council and others.

Examples of roles include:

  •      Chief Information Officer
  •    Chief Information Officer
  •   Customer Data Analyzer
  •     Data Quality Manager
  •    Digital Data Analyzer
  •      Email Management Business Analyst
  •     Fraud Business Analyst
  •   Governance Data Quality Officer
  1.      Information Management Consultant
  • Information Management Program Manager Consultant Information and Records Management
  •     Information Management Analyst
  •      Knowledge Management Professional
  •   Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions Designer
  •     Prospect Researcher
  •      Research Analyst
  •      Research / Evaluation Consultant
  •     SAP Business Analyst
  •     Senior Manager, Information Management. Operation
  •     Senior Manager, Market Intelligence and Business

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