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Every Health Blog should Invest in this!

I have this blog to help people who come to read it. And I’m sure many other blogs like man do that too! Health is very important, we can see that now in the modern age. We are becoming more and more health-conscious by the years. So the demand in Health blogs is rising as people are seeking to learn more. Hence why this blog is important!

But with all this content we had on our blog, we were not receiving many visitors. For a while, it felt like the articles we put out were of no use. So what could we have done? Were we forever doomed to be lost in a sea of other sites? Well if you are reading this then, no, we managed to find and invest in a solution that was of great assistance to us. And that was the magic of Digital Marketing! And to be more specific, Search Engine Optimisation! 

seo marketing services - Every Health Blog should Invest in this!

What is it? Well, we will get right into it in this article, and why it can benefit those who provide health content and even health products! 

So, since many businesses have gone online, the field of marketing has as well. Digital Marketing is the lifeline of any business on the web. And it is essential to many if not all industries that have an online presence. But of the many branches of digital marketing, SEO is very important for those companies, blogs and so on to be seen when people search up a query that is related to them. 

We approached and got in contact with Sterrific, a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing Google SEO services! They lead us through the path of what it takes to properly optimize your site for search engines to pick up. And we were slacking.

So this post may be different to what we usually post, but we feel that in the medical and health industry, marketing digitally is very important as people will take to the internet to search up various medical issues, health issues, tips and so on. And medical and health-based companies who can provide these services should take note of this.

Techniques for SEO

There are several ways to conduct a successful SEO campaign to further promote your site and to let it be picked up by the Google bots. Most of these techniques that will be listed mostly revolve around using the proper keywords and placing them strategically around the page, but more of that below.

Creating Content

content writing - Every Health Blog should Invest in this!

Content creation is something we have already been doing so it is a good start. But it can’t be just any old plain content. The quality must be good and it must serve a purpose to whoever comes to read it. Most importantly, it must be relevant to your site. In terms of size, the content should be more than 600 words, accompanied by pictures and videos that add more value to it. 

Keywords and Keyword Research

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Along with putting up content, a website must search and use relevant keywords. The factors that determine the relevancy of the keywords may include location, product and service. You should also ask yourself these questions when searching for a keyword, like:

  • What are people searching for in regards to health?
  • What conditions are mostly searched on Google in Malaysia?
  • What health products are they looking for?

By determining what people look into, you can ensure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

For example, if you are a clinic operating in Kuala Lumpur, and one of the services you offer are vaccinations, the keyword or phrase which you may try to use may go along the lines of something like “vaccinations in Kuala Lumpur” or “Kuala Lumpur vaccines.” According to Sterrific, they recommended using the keyword at least 5 times in one page of your website, and that the keyword or phrase must fit in properly and just not placed at random.

But before any of that can be done, there is research, keyword research to be specific. This is to ensure that your site will be able to find the right keywords and phrases to go for. From there, you can begin to structure your content around those keywords and phrases. 

Keyword Placement

Once you have a keyword you intend to rank for, you must place it in positions that are effective for SEO. These are good positions to put keywords and phrases on your websites:

Main Titles
The main headings of your posts should contain the keyword or phrase.

Page URL
The main keyword should also be positioned within the page URL as the search engine can pick it up more easily when it looks for the search query people typed in. 

First Headings
According to Sterrific, putting the keyword in the Main subheading after the title is a good SEO practice as well.

Images and in Alternative texts
Having a minimum of one image on a page is good practice, for one, it can attract a visitor, and two, you can place the keyword in the images alternative text.

Meta Descriptions
Meta descriptions are the small little descriptions you see on the search results when you look for something in Google. Having your keyword placed there can not only get the Google bots to select your site but to also entice people looking for results to click on your link.

Obtaining Backlinks.

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When a number of other sites link to put a link to your site or your articles and posts, it will improve the chances of your website of SEO. But they can’t just be any site, they need to have a high enough authority to be effective when it comes to backlinking for SEO. Authority is the terms used to show how much a site is trusted, as you can imagine, the higher the authority, the more trusted it is. You can do this in a number of ways, which include reaching out to owners of high authority sites and asking them to place a link to your site in their content. 

Ensuring Good User Experience

If you have a website that makes people frustrated due to its layout and functionality, or lack thereof, then you might find yourself in a bit of trouble in terms of SEO. Having a website that is functional and well designed, and contains relevant and quality content will get people coming in, and it will be noticed by Google. Your site should also be compatible with several platforms and screen sizes, so those on mobile can also have good user experience as well. 

Social Network Signals and Sharing

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Social Media can play a very vital role in your websites SEO. So it is important to ensure that your content and your site is shareable to various social media platforms. Results can be instantaneous with social sharing as people spread the word of your website and company around. Similar to backlinking, the more link sent out the better the SEO of a site. So ensure that your content has sharing buttons so people can share it on to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


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If you want instant results for having your site positioned on top of the search results, then this method may help. Pay-Per-Click involves paying Google Ad services to have your site listed on the top of the search results when someone searches a keyword that is relevant to your site and company. To do this, you would usually allocate a set amount of funds to the service, and those funds get deducted each time someone clicks on the link.

Those were the methods of Search Engine Optimization that websites can invest in if they are looking to get more traffic to their site.  Sound’s like that is about it, right? Well, there is more, and it involves ensuring that you do it ethically.


With those methods listed above, the health and medical community online can share information with people who seek it, and companies that provide health and medical products can reach out to the people who seek them.

So although this post may be a bit of a side road to what we usually talk about on the blog, we feel that it is important for health brands and companies with on online presence to invest in Search Engine Optimisation for their digital marketing. If people still have a bit of an issue understanding the full scope of Digital Marketing and SEO, there are plenty of firms out there, like Sterrific.

So if your site is still having issues in gathering traffic, you may want to check up on your Search Engine Optimisation.