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How To Be A Good Employer

As an entrepreneur or businessman who owns their own establishment, your employees are your biggest asset. Whether it is in fabrication with machining in Malaysia or education, as leader of a business, you are in charge and, therefore, how your employees are treated is on you. You want your employees to walk into the workspace and work at optimum level while still producing quality results. The best way to do so is to play your part as an involved boss, not one who is detached from the process and only sees employees as assets.

Treat Them With Respect

Respect goes two ways. It is earned and it is given. There is an evident power dynamic between employee and employer, however the respect should be there. You are working with people who are the image of your business when people walk. What they do or say is a reflection of you and your establishment, therefore it is important that you respect them. Not only should you respect them to placate them, but respect them because you recognise their agency. You understand that they are human and should be dignified as such. A chain of command that retains respectability can afford a good and healthy work environment for all.

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Listen To Them When They Speak

A good employer listens to the complaints and suggestions for their employees. Again, a good employer should not be so detached from their employees that they are completely unenthused and unappreciative of them. As the leader of the establishment you should pay attention to them. You may be the head, but your employers are the force driving the company and they have a clear and distinct perspective of the operations that is different from you. Invite them for constructive feedback or sessions where they can discuss aspects that could make their work life better, for their health, for their finances and for their overall performance. You do not have to take every suggestion and criticism, but use discernment to establish which ones are important and should have your attention.

Keep The Environment Safe For Them

Keeping the working area a conducive and safe environment is your job as an employer. This not only speaks to the environment itself: the ventilation, the lighting and the comfort of the work space. It also speaks to the minorities and marginalised individuals who come to you for job opportunities. Women have it harder in the workplace and so do people of colour and queer folk. Policies may be in place, however, you need to ensure that all your employees are aware of the ramifications of discrimination or violence and harassment. Keeping the work space a good environment for work means having the workforce be a unit, and therefore cooperating despite differences is important. Learn to empathise and use it to comprehend the struggles your employees may face in your workspace.