Insurance is very important! Here’s what you should do

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Insurance is a very important thing in today’s life. What I mean by that is no matter how we see it, everything in the world is getting more and more expensive and that includes medical fees and more. If we are to unfortunately fall ill then it would be devastating for us because there is a grim possibility that we will not be able to pay the fees in order for us to survive. Now then in this era of high expenses, there is no more that we can do but have ways to help us out and insure something for us hence, Insurance. Yes, we know that people who are out there to sell you insurance can be annoying. But let’s be objective here, they are not here to take your money let’s just be clear. They are not here to take your money but to help you to get something out of it that helps you in your daily life! Yes, it may seem as though they are here to steal from you but it is not true at all. Insurance can benefit you in ways you never thought was possible.

In today’s era of expenses there is a need to solve a very important issue and that is what happens when we need a lump sum of money? It is not easy or maybe to some people not possible to save so much money at one go so how? How is it possible to? Insurance can help with that! Here’s how.

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Let’s just put it in a scenario that is actually possible of happening. Let’s say that you are walking to work and suddenly you feel a sharp pain and start to have difficulty breathing and maybe you fainted. You soon regain consciousness and you see people surrounding you and so you get up and say you’re fine. But then you are not feeling assured and so you go to the hospital as soon as possible and get it checked out. The doctor then did some tests on you and said that you are suffering from heart disease and so you want to get a cure. But there is an issue. The doctor tells you that you will need a better healthcare provider and sends you to a specialist for better care and treatment. Reaching there you see the Specialist and he tells you it will be expensive. Here comes the split scenario. 

  1. Insured

You are able to just say, yes, i will get the treatment, then you will be admitted asap and start the treatment as soon as possible and the chances of health and recovery can be fast and swift without worry. 

  1. Uninsured

You are not able to say yes but tell the doctor that you need time to get the lump sum of money and so you go back home and discuss with your friends and family and slowly gain that sum from borrowing money and you go back to the doctor specialist and say you want treatment. By that time there is already a gap of time and maybe your condition has worsened a little but it’s okay, you still got the treatment but you have anxiety of recovery time because your condition worsened as well as every extra one day stay means another day of money spent. You are not able to recover quickly and swiftly.

Here then now begs the question, which one do you want to be? In our opinion and our sincere urge please invest in endowment insurance policy Malaysia and one day be that number 1 guy and regain your health and life.

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