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Is Your Marketing Strategy Based On Data?

Marketing is not simply the act of putting a billboard up on the highway. Nor is it about sales promotions or the campaigns we initiate on social media. Marketing once used to be about mass targeting and huge sales promotional activities.

Today’s digital age and reach have completely changed the way we look at marketing and how people interact with it. The changes in mobile devices, new innovative technologies, and new social media platforms, it all has changed the way we consume, and shop. 

But what can marketers do about our changing habits? They must evolve with their consumers too. In fact, they should be the ones to lead their customers to bigger evolution loops in the face of technology. And there is no way marketers can do this without the help of data. 

So let’s face it. Is your marketing data-driven? Does it account for the insights from the actions of millions of people who are your possible customers? How much have you integrated your action switch the information about your target market? Is the newly made marketing campaign based on the interests and psychology of your target customer? Today’s customer is savvy and they have really specified needs to be fulfilled. They made the rules and they demand to be appeased. As marketers, it is our job to remain customer-centric by understanding your customers’ behavior. 

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Many companies also make the mistake of actually obtaining the data and underutilizing the data. What’s the point of the data we obtain, if we don’t include it in our marketing plans and tactics. Whether we are formulating a social media campaign or creating a billboard, it should be tailored according to the customer’s purchasing behavior and interest level. When we study their history, shopping carts, number of page views, bounce rates, and other metrics we gain a bigger picture. The bigger picture can show us what areas a business needs to work more and more on.

Do the customers easily recall your brand? How strong are the brand associations and what associations do you need to work on? Is the customer experience good enough to retain customers or is it costing you? Are you able to keep up with the demand or do you need to work on optimizing your engagement? 

Based on the “picture” we obtain from the data, we can set smaller marketing objectives that fulfill the overall business goals and revenue goals. Be it through strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, websites, advertising, and promotions, all of these strategies need to be optimized with data and personalized to attract the targeted user. 

Without being data-driven with your marketing strategy, it becomes incredibly difficult to retain your customers and improve your loyal customer base. Take a lesson from the biggest marketing success story, Apple by Steve Jobs. Their entire marketing strategy was not as colorful or pompous as compared to other smartphone brands. However, they managed to have the biggest pool of loyal customers around the world by simply working on enhancing their customer experience, which is purely driven using data

If data-driven marketing is good enough for Steve Jobs, then it is definitely good enough for your business! There are so many solutions like data backup solution malaysia that is one of our biggest aids in creating quality backup insights that help us expand our business.