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The Impact of Big Data on Network Marketing

In this 21st century, people find rules and business opportunities from the complex data, so as to seize business opportunities and develop new markets.

Nowadays, the communication between people in the society is getting closer and closer. With the rapid development of science and technology, big data comes into being. While the Internet is changing people’s lifestyle, it is also changing the operation mode of enterprises, which is an inevitable result of the development of information technology. However, with the advent of big data, network marketing is also constantly innovating marketing mode and management mode, trying to maximize the interests of enterprises and consumers.

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Network marketing is a business activity with the help of network, communication and digital media technology to achieve marketing goals. It can use a variety of means, such as blog marketing, email marketing, video marketing and so on. Big data technology has brought technological innovation for network marketing, and also brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges for enterprises.

The development of network marketing mainly depends on the understanding of consumer consumption information. Master the data related to consumer consumption information, can be used to formulate a reasonable marketing strategy, can predict the development direction of the market in advance, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and reduce the operating cost of enterprises. At the same time, it also provides data source and support for enterprises to develop new products, which is conducive to improving the market share of enterprises’ products.

With the advent of the Internet era, it is easier and more feasible to collect massive data and information. People can collect all kinds of data through the Internet platform, and also can use and share the data repeatedly, so as to realize the recycling of data and create more value for data. In addition, with the development of society, people’s consumption habits and psychology have undergone significant changes. They no longer hope that the products they use are the same as others, and they hope that they are unique and different. However, enterprises can precisely make personalized consumption plans for consumers through big data analysis of their consumption preferences.

Big data processing is transforming business positioning. In the context of the era of big data, consumers’ brand loyalty continues to decline, which makes the business model in the era of big data must be transformed from brand-centered to consumer-centered. 

In the era of big data transformation from commodity-oriented to service-oriented, consumers’ knowledge level is getting higher and higher. Consumers will fully understand the function and value of goods from the existing large amount of data. Simply introducing product brands, packaging and usage methods in shopping malls or the Internet is far from satisfying consumers’ needs. Therefore, enterprises not only need to accurately analyze the product structure and various performance indicators, but also need to provide consumers with a large number of solutions. In the era of big data, enterprises sell not only simple products, but system integration of solutions and services of goods. This has led to a shift in business philosophy.

E-commerce and traditional enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on data, and data is also dependent on data management and backup. Therefore, network marketing requires the support of data backup services in Malaysia. Data will soon become the core competitiveness of future enterprises. Enterprises should constantly improve their own corporate governance structure, grasp the change of market trends, so as to provide personalized goods and services in the future.