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Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing and business complement each other because without marketing strategies, business is nothing and without business, there will be no marketing and evolution on marketing strategies. Marketing helps the growth of your business in so many ways such as increasing the internet traffic to your website, boosting sales and also creating awareness of your brand.

There are various benefits that you can get from marketing strategies no matter what the method is. Be it the traditional way such as giving out flyers and sending mails from house to house or the modern way which is digital marketing such as using social media contents and search engine optimization (SEO). So, in this article I will share some of the types of marketing strategies that you should know so that you can apply it to your business later.

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1.   Traditional marketing

This is the first start of marketing and that is why it is called traditional marketing. This way, you don’t have to create any social media content and don’t even have to think about where to post it. You can just print out flyers and distribute it to the crowd in any ways that you like. Giving out business cards, conducting a contest, giving direct samplings and giving coupons are one of the ways of traditional marketing. It is all manually promoted to the public.

2.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is basically when you let the search engine (Google) optimize your business. This type of marketing is when you let Google rank your business or articles by the keywords that you are using. Usually, when people want to buy something, they will not search the whole name on the search bar but they will only search for the keywords. For example, if they are looking for a mother care product, they will not search it from any specific website if they are still searching. People tend to click on the highest website on the page and that is what SEO does to your products. You can check out any SEO company in KL to know more about it.

3.   Social media marketing

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Social media marketing is the most common type of marketing strategies because nowadays, everyone uses social media. Not only the adults, but also the kids, so social media marketing usually is the most effective marketing way. You have to first know how the social media that you chose works. You have to know the algorithm because that will determine how many people will reach your accounts and actually browse through it. You have to know how to create the best content that is suitable with your business and your social media platform.

4.   Content marketing

Almost similar to social media marketing, but what makes it different is the platform used for the marketing itself. You can create content in whatever platform you want such as blogs, podcasts, videos, documentary, live sessions and a lot more. You have to be creative in creating content because the more creative it is, the more it will become something close to the customers. Create something that will make the audience touched and feel relatable so that they will feel more interested in investing in your products.