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Types of Properties In Malaysia For Your Lifestyle!

A first time home buyer looking at different options for your new home? Here is your guide to picking a home that fits your lifestyle!

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  1. A bungalow 

Having a landed property in Malaysia is considered a luxury. But living in a bungalow is a step up from that. A bungalow is a type of house or cottage that is usually one storey with a second, half, or partial storey constructed into a sloping roof. Bungalows are usually small in size and square footage, with dormer windows and verandas being common features.
Bungalows are great for a family as it has a lot of space outside for children to play around it and you could also build a small playground for them in the backyard. Other than that, it is easier to keep track of the kids as you are all on the same floor and it is easier to monitor and keep an eye on them. 

  1. Semi Detached/ Terrace house 

Semi-detached houses offer their own set of benefits. This is a form of house in which two different houses are connected by a common wall. The layouts of both residences will be fairly similar, if not identical. Your money will play a significant role in determining the type of property you purchase, and semi-detached houses are typically more cheap. A reduced purchase price will also result in a cheaper monthly mortgage payment. Along with the savings from the cheaper purchase price, there is also the possibility of upkeep savings. Because you and your neighbour share the same property, you may be able to negotiate joint maintenance fees. For example, if you need to replace your roof or siding, you may be able to divide the costs with a neighbour. This also means getting to make new friends! If you are a social butterfly then this is perfect for you! There are many listings of Semi-detached houses available in Rawang! It isn’t too far from Kuala Lumpur too and landed houses in Kuala Lumpur may cost a fortune as lands are high in demand. 

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  1. Flat and Apartment

If you like living in a community filled with people and a busy environment, then a flat or an apartment is perfect for you! Apartments and flats are known to be very convenient as it is small, it’s perfect for bachelors, a couple or even a small family of 3 or 4. The expense of maintaining a home makes saving for a “rainy day” more difficult. You can save more money if your expenditures are reduced by living in an apartment. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you. Whether you want to send your children to college, vacation more, or prepare for retirement, apartment living will put you on the right financial track. There are also many other benefits of living in an apartment such as great amenities and even better security than living in a house. 

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