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Unique Ways To Use A Lemon

Lemons are a versatile source of food in our life. It is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and iron. Many with anemic conditions are recommended to have their daily inclusion of lemon in their diet. People also recommend lemon to get their daily dose of vitamin C, since it contains about 31 grams of vitamin C in one average lemon.  The vitamin C content along with other nutrients in the lemon is associated with decreasing the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and even cancer. So it is always good to have a lemon a day, similar to the apple a day policy. 

Lemons are always hot in the kitchen. but their uses are not only limited to the kitchen and diet. They are the life of every dish but they are also part of a zesty life outside of the kitchen. There are so many different uses of lemon in our life. We can turn it into a tall glass of lemonade or use it to experiment with butterfly pea tea. We can use it to get rid of an emergency stain on our white blouse or we can use it to bring the extra kick out of the flavors in the spicy biriyani. We can cook it up with salmon or bring lettuce to life. Need more to say? I can go on and on about lemon’s many uses. 

Let’s take a look at the many different uses of lemon in our lives! 

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Great Addition To Lip Scrubs And Facial Masks 

Lemons are known for their versatile properties, including their abilities to clear up zits and lighten up hyperpigmentation. By no means, lemon is a miracle worker. But they are an incredible addition to a healthy skincare routine. If you are looking to make a switch from your chemical exfoliations to a natural physical exfoliator, many can use lemon to make different masks and exfoliators for our skin and lips. Common lip scrub and exfoliator is the mixture of sugar with lemon and honey on our lips. It is important to be mindful of the acidity of lemon while incorporating it into our skincare routine. Sensitive skin may not be suitable with the acidity of lemon on our faces. 

Make Detox Water 

Detox water does not have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be an expensive thing to do. You don’t always need a cucumber in your fridge for good detox water. All you need is a few pairs of lemons for your detox water. Cut up thin slices of lemon and mix it in with water. Leave the water and lemon mixture in the refrigerator overnight and let it do its magic. 

A Creative Tool For Your Children’s Craft Time 

Who would have thought lemon would make a great addition to our art and craft time with children? We can use lemon to make this time a little more fun and experimental for kids. Kids are always interested in science. So we can use the infamous butterfly pea tea and lemon to show them the world of science. All you need is a warm cup of butterfly pea tea and letting your child drop drops of lemon into the tea. Watch the magic unfold and fascination begin.

Another simple way of incorporating it into our fun time is by using lemon slices you can squeeze out a lemon half and give squeezed out lemon halves for your child to play with. Let them use it as a new paintbrush and go wild with creativity! 

Lemons are a wonderful addition to our grocery list so don’t forget to include them while you buy grocery online malaysia!