water - Water for Health

Water for Health

water - Water for Health

by Dr. Amir Farid Isahak

Water is the essence of life. All creatures evolved out of marine life. Even the creationist view of life does not exclude the importance of water. Our body is 55% to 75% water (depending on age and health, with decreasing percentage with increasing biological age), and our cells are 70% to 90% water. Dehydration is one major effect of ageing, and this can be clearly seen in the ageing skin.

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Water is not only essential to the health of our bodies, but also to the health of our earth. The gaia concept views earth as a living organism which, like all living organisms, depends much on clean, health-giving water.

Unfortunately, our blatant neglect of the lakes, rivers, and oceans, and our persistent pollution of the environment has contaminated most of our water sources. Some of the rivers that flow through major cities around the world are so murky, only mutant fish can survive! As clean water sources are becoming scarce, in future, wars will be fought over water, and not just oil.

tap+water - Water for Health

Filtration and Treatment System

In the past, all we needed to do to drink a glass of clean water was to turn on the tap. Nowadays, nobody drinks from the home tap anymore, and for good reasons. The quality of the domestic water supply is suspect, and often obviously deficient and dirty (depending on where you live). We only drink boiled, filtered, or bottled water.

With the realisation that filtration was necessary, we were then bombarded by a whole array of water filtration and treatments systems. Some fantastic claims are being made about the health and healing powers of the treated water, so it would be good if some of the terms used are explained.

reverse+osmosis - Water for Health

Purity and Sterility

The gold standard for water purification is the distillation process, which involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam as distillate. In this way, pure water is obtained due to its specific boiling point. Boiling also sterilizes the water (kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites).

Modern technology has enabled reverse osmosis (RO) technology to be equally as good. The best filtration membrane is so fine that only water molecules pass through, excluding even viruses. Pure, sterile water is the result. It is so reliable that even urine can be recycled (e.g. Singapore’s Nuwater). However, you will not get the benefits of urine therapy by drinking it, since it is just pure water.

All other methods of filtration (e.g. layered sand, fibre filters) do not give the same purity as the above two, although it can come close if multiple filter systems are used.

Besides distillation and RO, other methods used to sterilize include UV light and nano-silver. Do note that you can have sterile water that is not pure – e.g. if impurities are not filtered out before boiling (unless you collect only the distillate) or UV-irradiation.

Note that if it is not safe for drinking, then it is not good for bathing too, since the skin absorbs water and whatever it contains easily. Be sure to have an outdoor filter system for your whole house if you are serious about your health. For added safety, have a table-top unit in your kitchen to re-filter (and alkalinise, energise, etc.) for drinking.

ph+chart - Water for Health

Acidity and Alkalinity

The pH of pure water is 7 (neutral). However, distilled and RO water tends to be slightly acidic due to its readiness to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, turning it to carbonic acid.

Impure water is acidic, and is not good for health. Our blood is always alkaline (pH 7.35 to 7.45), and the body has to maintain this at all cost to ensure homeostasis (optimum physiological conditions around the cells and organs) is maintained, allowing all cellular functions to continue.

The body does this through acid and alkaline buffers which are outside the blood. Thus, if you drink or eat too much acid foods, or produce too much acids (e.g. starvation diet leading to ketoacidosis), then your alkaline buffers will be used to maintain the alkaline blood pH, at the expense of your cells and organs. These will be surrounded by acidic conditions and their functions may be impeded.

Once the body runs out of alkaline buffers, then the blood pH becomes more acidic, and organ failure follows. A body that cannot restore its alkaline blood pH will die.

All the natural healing water (e.g. Lourdes, Zam-Zam) are alkaline. From the explanation above, you will understand why this is so. Our unhealthy diets and lifestyles tend to increase the body’s acidity, and alkaline water will neutralise this tendency.

It is advised to get a water treatment system that produces alkaline water. The best ones allow you to select precisely the pH that you require (most natural alkaline water are around pH 9), and also discharges acidic water which you can use for skin health. While alkaline water is good for drinking, acidic water is excellent for skin health and beauty (skin pH is 5.5), and for feminine hygiene.

water+molecule+h2o - Water for Health

Molecular Size

The terms micro-water, nano-water, clustered-water, structured-water and a host of other terms all describe the fact that pure, energised water molecules tend to form small clusters, and the water behaves better in dissolving, cleansing, and other functions, including healing. While all the physical actions of water can be proven in the laboratory, the healing effects of small water-molecule clusters have not been validated by scientific studies, although there are ample testimonies from those who have benefited.

It is not surprising at all that smaller water clusters should have better healing effects since all the functions are improved, and maintaining health (and healing) is a major function of water.

The smaller clusters result from the change in the angle between the two H (hydrogen) and O (oxygen) atoms that constitute the water molecule. This is possible through a change in its energy state, and is responsible for the improved properties and functions.

mineral+water - Water for Health

Mineral Content

The best natural healing water is also rich in minerals. However, do not correlate this with all the mineral water that you drink. You must understand the difference between organic and inorganic minerals.

For example, the mineral water that contains minerals from dissolved rocks and stones (e.g. mineral pot) contains inorganic minerals that are not easily assimilated by the cells, and may be detrimental under certain conditions.

If there is dehydration, or changes in acidity, they tend to form stones in the body. Rock-derived minerals may form mini-rocks inside you!

Organic minerals are plant-derived. The natural water that contains organic minerals flow through earth layers that are rich in minerals formed from pre-historic plants, which have denatured.

When dissolved, these layer of organic minerals form colloidal minerals. The Hunza Valley water is especially rich in such minerals because the glaciers collect the organic minerals as they travel down the mountains.

It is best that you get your minerals from fruits, vegetables, and other foods and not worry if your water is sufficiently mineralised, unless you are sure that the minerals are organic. However, some mineral content is necessary if the water is to be ionised.

ionised+water - Water for Health

Ionised Water

Charged or ionised H+ and OH- atoms and molecules can be obtained by splitting the water molecule, by passing an electrical current. However it is easier to charge the dissolved minerals. Since the body functions through subtle electrical currents, the availability of charged atoms and molecules can help in health and healing. For example, when you have an injury, the injured cells’ electrical charge is disturbed and this initiates the healing process.

Negatively-charged ions also act like antioxidants, neutralising free-radicals and thus help in fighting disease, ageing, and cancer. Thus ionised water is often called ‘antioxidant water’.

energised+water - Water for Health

Energised Water

You have seen how energised water can improve its healing power through a change of its molecular structure. But how is water energised? Most water-treatment systems do this though FIR (far infrared) obtained from treated ceramics or other materials. It can also be energised by scalar-energised volcanic minerals or metals.

Finally, it can also be energised by sending life-force (qi, reiki or prana, etc) to it. While FIR and other measurable energy-forms are easily understood, the effects of scalar and qi-enhanced water can only be shown through innovative means.

water+crystal+message+in+water - Water for Health

Secrets of Water

Dr Masaru Emoto is the eminent water-scientist who revealed to the world the ‘Secret Life of Water’. He showed though scientific methods that water not only has memory, but also emotions.

When frozen under controlled conditions, pure and polluted water formed different crystal patterns. Water that had pleasant words and prayers recited formed beautiful patterns, while water that got negative words formed ugly patterns.

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