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What Are The Benefits Of Working With IT?

As one can see, there are several possible areas of activity in the IT market, which opens up the range of opportunities and vacancies in the market.

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In addition, the possibility of working with different segments of companies makes this profession very flexible, both in work routine and in salaries, everything will depend on your choice of performance according to your professional goals.

As technology continues to present new solutions for global needs, it is expected that there will always be new areas to be explored by companies and information technology professionals.

The Development Of IoT

A new technology that has been gaining a lot of space in recent years is the so-called IoT, or “technology of things”.

In summary, it is about an innovative concept with the objective of connecting the objects that you use most on a daily basis, such as machines, automobiles or consumer goods in general, making it possible to share information between these “things” so that various actions are carried out.

A very practical and well-known example: cars that are already able to park alone, without any interference from the human factor.

This new technology scenario opens any opportunities for future IT professionals, as the trend is that the number of companies interested in investing in this business will increase more and more over the years and advances in the IoT.

Growing Market

Students of the best bachelor of economics degree understand very well that the national economy is not at its best currently.

With unemployment rates rising and the number of companies closing and declaring bankruptcy, happy are the segments that managed to prosper, even in a bad scenario. And the IT sector is one of them!

Companies continue to hire professionals in the field and many others are joining this profession to add more value to internal processes.

The growth of the IT sector also extended during 2017.

A survey by Widad shows that the information technology area grew 7.7% in the first quarter, closing the year with 9.1% positively.

Remote Work And Freelancer

Another benefit that the IT profession makes possible is remote work.

Carrying out daily demands at home is the benefit of many companies that place greater trust in the professional and believe that he can do his job well not being present at the institution.

The reason is that in most IT professions, professionals need to solve problems individually (excluding team managers, for example).

When it is not possible for remote work to be adopted by the company, the hours are usually very flexible and negotiable.

It is also possible to work as a freelancer, mainly for developers and programmers.

This is a legal option even for beginners who want to earn extra income while they are still studying and improving.