What is the best way to introduce sex toys to your partner?

The use of sex toys in partnered sex might open up new areas of enjoyment for both partners. Toys, for example, may vibrate and pulse in ways that human beings can’t. These new sensations can help many people have more regular and frequent — or intricate and strong — orgasmic experiences. And the sheer variety of experiences offered can help couples keep their sex interesting and different, which can help couples maintain desire in long-term relationships. It doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult to talk about sex toys with your spouse. Mashable recently chatted with a half-dozen sex therapists, educators, and toy experts, who shared a few key pointers for bringing up the issue nicely and productively.

Make Sense of the Sequence of Events

According to experts, there is no optimal time in a relationship to start talking about sex toys. When it comes to introducing toys to their husbands, one of the most typical missteps is just pulling them out during sex. Instead, set aside time outside of sex to talk about including toys into your play. Talking about sexual preferences involves a degree of transparency with which not everyone is first comfortable.

Never apologise or criticise your partner 

How do you start a conversation about sex toys with your partner? Avoid equating your interest in toys with outright criticism or discontent with the sex you’re having. Avoid making excuses or attempting to disguise your desires, since this will just add to the anxiety and tension on one or both sides of the debate. “Most of us want our partners to enjoy themselves during sex,” says sex therapist Leigh Boyajian.

Use it in a secure manner

“Any toy,” Leigh continues, “has the potential to be used as a couple’s toy.” First and first, there are so many toys to choose from that it may be difficult to narrow down your options. Just remember that you don’t have to rush. As a group, take your time to investigate your options: Read toy reviews, consult friends and experts, and once you’ve acquired a toy or two, try out different ways to utilise them. Some magazines have published what appear to be thorough guides on how couples might use specific toys.

Allow yourself to be open to the concept of exploration

Try not to push your notions on how sex should be if you and your partner wish to play with toys together. Encourage one another to think outside the box when it comes to genital stimulation instead. You or your partner may already have one or more toys that you like playing with alone that you’d want to try out together. According to Fosnight, the spouse should bring a toy into bed with them at a mutually agreed-upon hour and demonstrate how to use it on themselves.

With all of these pointers in mind, I believe you should be able to manage your relationship partner’s sex toys. Why don’t you have a look at