download 18 - Why Certain Home Environments Are Harmful To Your Health

Why Certain Home Environments Are Harmful To Your Health

Health Risks In Home Environments

download 18 - Why Certain Home Environments Are Harmful To Your Health

Are you planning to have a life somewhere else? When you feel like starting over and just want to redo everything? Sometimes you need an escape to start again and a new place that will change your life. 

Whether you already have a home to live in or you are planning to move somewhere else, you have to consider the effects of your health in certain areas. Below you can find a list of places and a brief explanation on whether the environment can be harmful to your health or not.

Finding The Perfect Environment For Your Health 

1. Kuala Lumpur


This was considered as the friendliest city in the world, ranking as the fourth. Right after Singapore in Southeast Asia, it was known as the second livable city. In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the biggest and diverse city. It was also one of the advanced cities in the world. For that reason, it has become the fastest-growing region in Malaysia and a striking place for those overseas buyers. 

G Residen is actually one of the most popular properties where there are a lot of residents residing.

The city is progressive in a way that it has malls everywhere, a lot of restaurants, business districts, international schools and one of the tourist destinations. The tallest twin tower is in this city. In many aspects, Kuala Lumpur is a diverse and prosperous city to invest in a property. It is the best place in Malaysia. Just to site some, below are the top three places in Kuala Lumpur. 

Health Effects

Due to the fact that it is at the centre of a really busy city, there will be quite a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust pipes of the buses and cars. Aside from that, noise pollution will also be a negative effect if you were to live in this area. You may also want to consider the fact that the intense heat in this area may cause heatstroke as well. 

(a) KL Sentral

The nearest place in the city center. Where for commuters it may be convenient for them to easily access the largest rail transport hub. Someplace is also walking distance from the residential areas. There are Buddhist temples and colorful shops you can hop in to visit. Many shopping malls are located near KL Sentral. You just need to ride via LRT, KTM, and monorail. In this area, you may be able to invest in property like buying an apartment and use it for rental.

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(b) Bangsar

If you are looking for a place that is a little bit away from the city center, then Bangsar is the place. It is a place that offers a peaceful neighborhood but still convenient to city restaurants and eateries. Houses are bungalows with a mixture of cultures from their old Malays. In this place, just like in the village properties are at a high cost because of its complete vicinity. Shopping malls around, night market and the famous Pantai Hospital are in this area. 

However, this place doesn’t have adjacent schools local or international. Bangsar has only limited new properties as this an old area of Kuala Lumpur but it has built few apartment and land properties. You may want to settle in this traditional place. Pantai HillPark is actually the top choice for residents to live in.

(c) Mont Kiara

If you have more than enough money, you can invest it in Mont Kiara. It is a modern place and a high-end town. The place has lots of condominium projects, buildings, and towers that are commercialized. Mont Kiara is one of the most visited places of foreigners and ex-pats. This is considered the ideal location for those who are looking for a home to buy. 

Based on research, the Mont Kiara in has been viewed over a million. The workplace is convenient in this place, that may be the reason why it is known as the progressive area. A well-developed place and good infrastructures. Seni Mont Kiara would be the popular choice.

2. Johor

The place Johor focusing their economy on manufacturing and industry. There may be a lot of manufacturing businesses located in this area. Agriculture is also found in this place. Palm oil, rubber, pineapples, and bananas are produced in this place. Many tourists are visiting this place for the products that they offer such as furniture, textiles, petrochemical products and many more. 

Johor’s economy is massively increased due to its tourism. Johor is just a bridge away from Singapore. That’s why people from Singapore can easily visit Johor every weekend. This place is considered at a low cost of living.

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Health Effects

There would not be that much of a negative effect in terms of health-wise as Johor isn’t really a city. At the most, you might even get bored here as there isn’t that much to do in Johor as compared to KL.

3. Penang

If you feel like looking for a home, Penang is the place to be. English is the language spoken in this area. Though culture is preserved you can still find high-end stores. There are a vibrant culture, beaches and shopping mall. Penang is also known for being a small tropical land on the west coast of Malaysia. 

For years, Penang is considered a tourist destination in Malaysia. You can also find everything in Penang, the culture, history, nature, beach and even jungle. You may want to consider Investing properties near the beach. You might be able to think of business aside from making it your home.

Health Effects

Since Penang is usually full of beaches and not that many buildings, you would be able to breathe fresh air. There wouldn’t be too much of a negative effect here as well.

4. Ipoh

The cleanest city in Malaysia is Ipoh and top of the friendliest places on earth. Despite having lots of interesting attractions at Ipoh this city is less explored by the tourist. An interesting history is found in this place as well as museums and street murals. You can enjoy the city and visit the countryside like cave temples and limestone cliffs. The food in Ipoh is influenced by its large Chinese Community. You must also try the Ipoh White Coffee when you are on a trip, it is known in their place. 

The city is quite progressive and steady because of its modern amnesties and the good lifestyle of the people along the riverside. Real estate prices are affordable. Base on the research you can buy a double-story-three-bedroom house for RM 250,000 – 300,000. If real estate is your target investment, then Ipoh is the best place for you.

Health Effects

The common home environmental health risks are lead, carbon monoxide, radon, pesticides, and the broad chemical category of volatile organic compounds. However, in Ipoh, you probably won’t get that much of health risks are Ipoh is a very good town to stay in.

5. Sabah

This is called the “Land Below the Wind”, considered as the second-biggest state in Malaysia. This is located adjacent to the typhoon belt of the Philippines. The population is consisting of indigenous people. People are composed of Filipino and Indonesian. Sabah is a popular state in Malaysia. It has beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and another scenic view. 

It is also famous for the pristine jungle, national parks, and wildlife reserve. If you want to invest land in Malaysia, you might also want to consider Sabah which is near the Philippines. You can have land and build agricultural products.

Health Effects

Sabah is probably the safest place to live in due to the area not being a city area at all. Sabah would be perfect for your family to stay in, especially if you have toddlers and newborn babies

After the above mentioned, we can say that Malaysia is a potentially growing country. It’s a place where you can invest. We always considered where we should be investing as a starting factor. It will need time, effort and of course money. If you are looking for high-end places they have in Malaysia. Considering affordability, you can look at their cities which offer low cost. So, if you want to start a life, start with Malaysia. a culturally diverse country, and more developed compared to other countries. Of course, all said and done, you also have to make sure that you know the environmental risks before you move to another location or if you plan on staying where you are.

Price and location will be the main factor. You must think of the most important factor for you when we are to invest property. When the price is nice you are considering first the location. The location will dictate the success of the business if you are to build one in a property. If the property is in a better area, the business will be in greater demand and if you are to sell it afterwards you can seek a higher price for the property, it will be saleable. Having properties in a good location will give you a lot of advantages. 

You may be paying much but if the area will be profitable then you have the return on your investment in the short period. If you are investing not for business, a house rather then you should be on the right track since it will be your home. You must always be comfortable in a place where you live and will be a struggle for you to live in a place that you won’t feel at home. 

Since Malaysia is a diverse country and has been considered as the friendliest city, then we may not worry about this thing. Malaysia has a world-class infrastructure. They provide convenience. electricity, roads, water systems, public utilities, airports, railways, and telecommunications which is essential in our daily life. Putting up a business will be sustainable due to better infrastructure. Malaysia is a place where they also preserve their culture. You will feel welcome to invest in their place because you will meet cheerful and happy people. The manner is important for them. 

That’s why if you are a foreigner and planning a commercial business in Malaysia there is nothing to be afraid of the people living in Malaysia. You may own land, residential properties, and commercial buildings even if you are a foreigner. Their laws on properties are simple to understand that’s why there are many investors in this place. Aside from investing properties in this place, there is a lot of opportunities in this place. If you choose to live and invest you will have a sustainable life. Malaysia’s greatest asset is its people. If Malaysia’s greatest asset is people, then it’s something we need not worry about. Take your time in deciding on the location as the success of choosing this follows everything. The location will lead you to a good investment.

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