school website 810x500 - Why is a Good School Website so important?

Why is a Good School Website so important?

If someone who did not know anything about your school saw your school website, what would they say? Before reading a word you write, website visitors will start building impressions based on what they saw and experienced. What do they think of you, or more importantly, understand the way you present your school online? Emotions drive behavior: Decision making is often more emotional than rational processes. We always suspected this, and now neuroscience proves it. The way we act is determined by how people and things make us feel. For prospective parents or talented teachers who are considering applying for a vacancy, your website will be the first place they check to find out about you. The effect they produce there in the first few seconds will remain the same. In this article, we will let you know the importance of a website and where you can find the best website design company in Malaysia to design your school website. Learn more about healthcare here.

school website 2 - Why is a Good School Website so important?
  • Commitment to communication: 

The way your school website works also says something important. An attractive and engaging website that works perfectly on smartphones and tablets will immediately tell people that your school is a forward-thinking school. An integrated and active social media account demonstrates its commitment to engagement, communication, and reach. All schools say they commit these things. Your website is an opportunity to show the outside world what you mean. It happens practically as part of the way you do things normally. Prospective parents may also appreciate the comfort of seeing schools that understand that technology and social networking are an important part of modern life. They know how important this is for their children’s hopes.

  • Ready for the future: 

A static website that you haven’t refreshed for years and aren’t pleasant to use on a smartphone can tell visitors you’re a little stuck in your path. Of course, that won’t be the ‘real you’, but it all needs to continue. The best school websites are communication and engagement centers – not just brochures or online prospectuses. The content is constantly updated by various staff, showing exactly what is inside and outside of the formal curriculum. Everyone can see that students are inspired and motivated every day in their school life. When you browse the excellent school website, you will see the dialogue, communication, and participation facilitated by modern internet and mobile technology. The vision in these schools has gone a step further than the informative yet functional websites that became commonplace just a few years ago.

In the current environment, finding funds to invest in marketing websites and schools is not easy. Recruiting is the biggest challenge for many schools and staff estimates are naturally a priority. But would that help if the picture you posted online is not an interesting and interesting picture for the applicant? Maybe now is the time to invest in a modern web presence that shows the world what you want. Jumix design can help you design your school website as they are the best web design company in Penang, Malaysia.