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Why Is It Good To Breastfeed Your Baby?

No doubt that there are many benefits to breastfeeding your baby. But do you know to what extent does the benefits go? Do you how detailed the benefits are? If you are planning to breastfeed your baby you might want to know all of the endless benefits your baby will benefits 

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The decision of whether to breastfeed or not is totally up to you and there is nothing wrong with having a different opinion. But you might want to know what are some of the great things you might be missing. Here are some benefits that your baby will get and it has been proven by science. 

Stronger Immune Systems

Babies are known to have a weak immune system and they are slowly building and developing their immune systems through all of the foods they digest. However, newborn babies cannot eat solid foods like veggies and fruits. So where do they’ll get the needed nutrition to have a strong immune system? Studies have shown that babies being breastfeed will have stronger immune systems than babies not breastfeed. This is because breast milk has proven to have antibodies agent that cannot be produced through formula milk, with these antibodies babies will be able to build a stronger immune system. 

Healthy Weight Gain

Babies need to gain weight to be able to grow healthily, a healthy baby is a happy baby. Breastfeeding has been shown to promotes a healthy weight gain in babies and avoid obesity. Sometimes babies can get obese from formula milk because formula milk contains sugar that is unnecessary in a baby’s diet plan. Besides that, babies that are breastfeed will gain healthy fat that is crucial in their growth. Furthermore, babies that are breastfeeding will have a healthy eating pattern because they will automatically stop eating once they are full

Lower Chance Of Getting Sick

Breast milk is known to have many good and needed vitamins for the baby. However, it is also good for babies because it will lower the chance of babies getting sick from any disease. Some of the diseases that they will have lower chances of getting are bowel diseases because there are no unnecessary chemicals getting into their bowel systems, allergic diseases like eczema and asthma are also low likely to be infecting them. This will promote a higher chance for the baby to grow up and live a full happy and healthy life. 

Healthier Brain Growth

Breast milk has proven to promote healthy brain growth in your baby’s development other than physical growth. This is because the baby will be getting all of the needed nutrition, touch, and connection through breastfeeding. Children that were being breastfed when they were baby are scientifically proven to be smarter and creative, they will be able t think outside of the box. 

There are so many other different benefits your baby will get from breast milk, every mother sure wants the best for their baby and to be able to give the best to them is truly a gift. You do not want to miss out on the opportunities to breastfeed your baby since this is an experience you will only get to experience after giving birth. Use the best nursing cream to provide the best for your baby.